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WE ARE Crypto Hub Trade

Our ultimate aim is to be a core holding for all generations of investors seeking value over the long term. The portfolio’s target is to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) by 2% per year after costs over rolling three-year periods.

What we value the most is our experience, professionalism and proven reliable strategies. We introduce innovations to the area of cryptocurrency trading, fine-tuning and bringing them to perfection!

Our team consists of about a hundred of highly qualified specialists, such as financial managers, traders and economists (financial department), programmers and testers (technical department), and customer support agents. Each specialist of our company has at least 5 years of solid experience in currency and cryptocurrency trading market, asset management and securities markets.

Aside from the investment capital management services, we also offer consulting services for corporations (companies) in the EU, Asia, North and South America.

We have a commitment to real, long-term returns for our shareholders. And we are proud that our investment resilience has seen us deliver a growing dividend every year, for over 50 years.

We have invested for generations past, and we invest today for future generations. Since 2013, we have been investment pioneers.
Over the decades, our modern vision and attitude to investment has helped us stand the test of time. We have invested during world wars, stock market booms and crashes. Whether it is Shell, which launched in 1907, or Amazon over 85 years later, we have continually kept an eye out for high-quality businesses with real investment potential. All with the idea that however the world around us changes, shaped by the power of time, we will always look forward, to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Crypto Hub Trade is registered in The United Kingdom as Crypto Hub Trade Limited in 2018 with company number #05751298. The “Crown Assets Logo” and other affiliates are official and duly registered trade marks of Crown Assets Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority.

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Bitcoin is not legal tender and is not backed by any government. Accounts and value balances are not subject to any government backed deposit insurance or any other government protections.



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